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At Owens & Bondell PLLC, we understand that finding a new financial partner can be a difficult and important task. Our goal is to make this process easier!

Our Principals on ADCPA Membership

ADCPA member Bill Owens loves attending the twice-yearly conferences because he finds great advantage in sharing information with colleagues from around the country. He explains that every conference is full of new information on tax code, dental equipment, growth strategies, and more. He returns home energized and full of new ideas and plans to benefit his clients. Learn more about what ADCPA membership can do for you.

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Dental CPA Steve Owens of Owens & Bondell explains that ADCPA conferences provide him with a wealth of learning opportunities each year. Owens enjoys finding new ways to help his clients grow their businesses and spend more time on the dentistry they love.

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Questions for your CPA with Bill Owens, MBA & Steve Owens: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Reese Harper, CFP®, interviews Bill Owens, CPA and partner at Owens and Bondell PLLC

Reese Harper, CFP®, interviews Bill Owens, CPA

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